10 mins

This film is commissioned by Al JAZEERA’s online digital platform, AJ +.

‘Power Girls’ tells the inspirational story of a young generation of Indian women who are fighting their country’s gang rape culture. This observational short offers an intimate glimpse into the life of 17-year-old Afreen. Along with other rape victims aged between 11 and 25, she has formed a vigilante group called The Red Brigade. Together they march along the streets of the slum where they live in their red and black uniform and drag young men out of their homes and publically humiliate them for harassing women. They teach karate to the girls of their community and protest vehemently in the streets.

As a current wave of child rape cases sweep the country, this film offers a provocative glimpse into the world's largest democracy at a critical transitional moment - and of a young generation of women who are uniting like never before, to quash the class divided and conservative male dominated status quo in a bid to shape their country’s future.


  • Commissioning Producer for Al Jazeera: Jeff Seelbach
  • Director: Jayisha Patel
  • Producer: Jayisha Patel
  • Director of Photography: Jayisha Patel
  • Sound Recordist and Designer: Anita Kushwaha
  • Editor: Abhro Banerjee
  • Composer: Patrick Jonnson
  • Colourist: Ram Tripathi
  • Line Producer: Harini Lakhsmanayran, Ruchi Bhimani
  • Commissioning Producer for Al Jazeera: Jeff Seelbach
  • Production Company: Al Jazeera’s online digital platform AJ +

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