CIRCLE is a haunting portrait of a rape survivor, caught in the devious ploys of her family.

Through the poignant and personal story of 13 year old Khushbu, Circle explores her gang-rape, emotional abuse at the hands of her grandmother, who orchestrated the rape, and her child marriage to a man she does not know. Where does the circle begin? And can there be any release?

With astonishing access, and crafted with the artistry of a narrative film, Circle is a moving and poetic contemplation of the human spirit and its resilience, at the darkest hour.

Supported by Hots Docs Crosscurrents Fund and Sheffield Doc/Fest Meetmarket


  • Director: Jayisha Patel
  • Producers: Jayisha Patel, Ruchi Bhimani, Harini Lakshmanarayn
  • Director of Photography: Jayisha Patel/Amith Surendran
  • Sound Recordist: Anita Kushwaha

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