In Production

After the Fire is a multi-sensory animated room-scale VR experience that explores the unspoken grief between a mother and daughter. The goal of the experience is to encourage participants to reveal the hidden images of their own lives as a result of seeing the experience. After the Fire is therefore set in a metaphorical darkroom and will ultimately be used as a tool to ask the participant: What are the things that most affect you that you have never shared with your own loved ones?

Moisture, wind, heat, scents, and textures will allow participants to feel real-world elements in the physical space as they travel through virtual scenes.


Made in collaboration with The Mill's Emerging Tech Studio, Consultant Producer Dr. Courtney Cogburn (Colombia University), Creative Technologist Emilie Baltz, The Danish Film Institute's Anidox Lab and Somerset House Studios, where I am an artist in residence.

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